I wanted to give a shout-out and a huge thanks to Andy Cull for his amazing screens and all the incredible support and feedback he’s given me throughout the development of La Profeta ENB. He does things with this profile that leave me awestruck and a bit teary-eyed. In the right hands, I guess even some crappy thing I made, can look absolutely incredible. :D It’s been a bit over a year now since I began working on it and it sure has come a long way.

Please stop by and check out his amazing gallery on Flickr.

Amazing :o planning to release La Profeta for them public when you feel it’s ready? :P

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Who works with whom: the Netjeru and tumblr kemetics



I compiled this list from recent big kemetics-of-tumblr roll-calls, when people started mentioning names of the Netjeru they’re working with.
Please feel free to reblog/reply with additions and corrections, and I will update the list!
The Netjeru are listed in…


*looks at ancient art of Anubis*
*gets really emotional*

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Since I’ll be at work most of tomorrow, I am preparing things in advance for the full moon and offerings to Khonsu.  This full moon in Libra will be especially important for me, so it’s not a moon I’ll be skipping ritual on.  I’ve been intending to do some devotional art again for a while, so I decided to choose traditional this time.

I wanted to do a twist on the traditional AE portraiture that fits my style more.  I’ll be keeping the piece out for ritual tomorrow evening into the morning, and then placing it away with my other shrine materials for safe keeping. 

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Australian Raven’s eyes.


Australian Raven’s eyes.

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